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Acute liver failure: redefining the syndromes
R Williams, SW Schalm, JG O'Grady
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Structured patient education: the Diabetes X‐PERT Programme makes a difference
TA Deakin, JE Cade, R Williams, DC Greenwood
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Specificity of T lymphocyte cytotoxicity to autologous hepatocytes in chronic hepatitis B virus infection: evidence that T cells are directed against HBV core antigen expressed …
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High-resolution U-series dates from the Sima de los Huesos hominids yields 600− 66+∞ kyrs: implications for the evolution of the early Neanderthal lineage
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The determination of an immunologically active dose of interferon-gamma in patients with melanoma.
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Evidence for an autocrine/paracrine role for interleukin-6 in bone resorption by giant cells from giant cell tumors of bone
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Rheumatic disorders in primary biliary cirrhosis.
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Downregulation of calcitonin receptor mRNA expression by calcitonin during human osteoclast-like cell differentiation.
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Marked overproduction of non-cyclooxygenase derived prostanoids (F2-isoprostanes) in the hepatorenal syndrome.
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Efficacy and safety of two neutralising monoclonal antibody therapies, sotrovimab and BRII-196 plus BRII-198, for adults hospitalised with COVID-19 (TICO): a randomised …
WH Self, U Sandkovsky, CS Reilly, DM Vock, RL Gottlieb, M Mack, ...
The Lancet Infectious Diseases 22 (5), 622-635, 2022
Ra-Th disequilibria systematics: timescale of carbonatite magma formation at Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania
RW Williams, JB Gill, KW Bruland
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 50 (6), 1249-1259, 1986
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