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The influenza virus protein PB1-F2 inhibits the induction of type I interferon at the level of the MAVS adaptor protein
ZT Varga, I Ramos, R Hai, M Schmolke, A García-Sastre, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (6), e1002067, 2011
SAMHD1-deficient CD14+ cells from individuals with Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome are highly susceptible to HIV-1 infection
A Berger, AFR Sommer, J Zwarg, M Hamdorf, K Welzel, N Esly, S Panitz, ...
PLoS pathogens 7 (12), e1002425, 2011
Pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2: the Mount Sinai COVID-19 autopsy experience
C Bryce, Z Grimes, E Pujadas, S Ahuja, MB Beasley, R Albrecht, ...
Modern Pathology 34 (8), 1456-1467, 2021
SARS-CoV-2 seropositivity and subsequent infection risk in healthy young adults: a prospective cohort study
AG Letizia, Y Ge, S Vangeti, C Goforth, DL Weir, NA Kuzmina, ...
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 9 (7), 712-720, 2021
Intestinal host response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 outcomes in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms
AE Livanos, D Jha, F Cossarini, AS Gonzalez-Reiche, M Tokuyama, ...
Gastroenterology 160 (7), 2435-2450. e34, 2021
Vimentin as a multifaceted player and potential therapeutic target in viral infections
I Ramos, K Stamatakis, CL Oeste, D Pérez-Sala
International journal of molecular sciences 21 (13), 4675, 2020
Modulating the innate immune response to influenza A virus: potential therapeutic use of anti-inflammatory drugs
I Ramos, A Fernandez-Sesma
Frontiers in immunology 6, 148677, 2015
Synthetic Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) and TLR7 ligands as influenza virus vaccine adjuvants induce rapid, sustained, and broadly protective responses
PH Goff, T Hayashi, L Martínez-Gil, M Corr, B Crain, S Yao, HB Cottam, ...
Journal of virology 89 (6), 3221-3235, 2015
SARS-CoV-2 transmission among marine recruits during quarantine
AG Letizia, I Ramos, A Obla, C Goforth, DL Weir, Y Ge, MM Bamman, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 383 (25), 2407-2416, 2020
Heterologous prime-boost vaccination with a non-replicative vaccinia recombinant vector expressing LACK confers protection against canine visceral leishmaniasis with a …
I Ramos, A Alonso, JM Marcen, A Peris, JA Castillo, M Colmenares, ...
Vaccine 26 (3), 333-344, 2008
The DBA. 2 mouse is susceptible to disease following infection with a broad, but limited, range of influenza A and B viruses
N Pica, A Iyer, I Ramos, NM Bouvier, A Fernandez-Sesma, ...
Journal of virology 85 (23), 12825-12829, 2011
The C-terminal sequence of RhoB directs protein degradation through an endo-lysosomal pathway
D Pérez-Sala, P Boya, I Ramos, M Herrera, K Stamatakis
PloS one 4 (12), e8117, 2009
Effects of receptor binding specificity of avian influenza virus on the human innate immune response
I Ramos, D Bernal-Rubio, N Durham, A Belicha-Villanueva, AC Lowen, ...
Journal of virology 85 (9), 4421-4431, 2011
Herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) prevents dendritic cell maturation, induces apoptosis, and triggers release of proinflammatory cytokines: potential links to HSV-HIV synergy
M Stefanidou, I Ramos, V Mas Casullo, JB Trépanier, S Rosenbaum, ...
Journal of virology 87 (3), 1443-1453, 2013
Innate immune response to influenza virus at single-cell resolution in human epithelial cells revealed paracrine induction of interferon lambda 1
I Ramos, G Smith, F Ruf-Zamojski, C Martínez-Romero, M Fribourg, ...
Journal of virology 93 (20), 10.1128/jvi. 00559-19, 2019
Human monoclonal antibodies to pandemic 1957 H2N2 and pandemic 1968 H3N2 influenza viruses
JC Krause, T Tsibane, TM Tumpey, CJ Huffman, R Albrecht, DL Blum, ...
Journal of virology 86 (11), 6334-6340, 2012
H7N9 influenza viruses interact preferentially with α2, 3-linked sialic acids and bind weakly to α2, 6-linked sialic acids
I Ramos, F Krammer, R Hai, D Aguilera, D Bernal-Rubio, J Steel, ...
Journal of General Virology 94 (11), 2417-2423, 2013
Genome-wide analysis reveals increased levels of transcripts related with infectivity in peanut lectin non-agglutinated promastigotes of Leishmania infantum
PJ Alcolea, A Alonso, A Sánchez-Gorostiaga, M Moreno-Paz, MJ Gómez, ...
Genomics 93 (6), 551-564, 2009
Cofactors required for TLR7-and TLR9-dependent innate immune responses
C Chiang, A Engel, AM Opaluch, I Ramos, AM Maestre, I Secundino, ...
Cell host & microbe 11 (3), 306-318, 2012
Cell receptors for influenza a viruses and the innate immune response
I Ramos, A Fernandez-Sesma
Frontiers in microbiology 3, 117, 2012
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