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maurizio sacchi
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Temperature and thickness dependence of magnetic moments in NiO epitaxial films
D Alders, LH Tjeng, FC Voogt, T Hibma, GA Sawatzky, CT Chen, J Vogel, ...
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E Ferrari, C Spezzani, F Fortuna, R Delaunay, F Vidal, I Nikolov, ...
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Optical Constants of Ferromagnetic Iron via Resonant Magnetic Scattering
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Polarization and angular dependence of the absorption edges in Ni(110)
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Magnetic x-ray dichroism study of the nearest-neighbor spin-spin correlation function and long-range magnetic order parameter in antiferromagnetic NiO
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The SEXTANTS beamline at SOLEIL: a new facility for elastic, inelastic and coherent scattering of soft X-rays
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The electronic structure of mesoscopic NiO particles
L Soriano, M Abbate, J Vogel, JC Fuggle, A Fernández, ...
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Unraveling the conduction mechanism of Al-doped ZnO films by valence band soft x-ray photoemission spectroscopy
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Ligand hole induced symmetry mixing of d8 states in LixNi1− xO, as observed in Ni 2p x-ray absorption spectroscopy
J Van Elp, BG Searle, GA Sawatzky, M Sacchi
Solid state communications 80 (1), 67-71, 1991
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