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Review of silicon photonics foundry efforts
AEJ Lim, J Song, Q Fang, C Li, X Tu, N Duan, KK Chen, RPC Tern, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (4), 405-416, 2013
Silicon modulators and germanium photodetectors on SOI: monolithic integration, compatibility, and performance optimization
TY Liow, KW Ang, Q Fang, JF Song, YZ Xiong, MB Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 16 (1), 307-315, 2009
Silicon photonic platforms for mid-infrared applications
T Hu, B Dong, X Luo, TY Liow, J Song, C Lee, GQ Lo
Photonics Research 5 (5), 417-430, 2017
Ultralow power silicon photonics thermo-optic switch with suspended phase arms
Q Fang, JF Song, TY Liow, H Cai, MB Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23 (8), 525-527, 2011
High numerical aperture microlens arrays of close packing
D Wu, SZ Wu, LG Niu, QD Chen, R Wang, JF Song, HH Fang, HB Sun
Applied Physics Letters 97 (3), 2010
Bandgap tailoring and synchronous microdevices patterning of graphene oxides
L Guo, RQ Shao, YL Zhang, HB Jiang, XB Li, SY Xie, BB Xu, QD Chen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (5), 3594-3599, 2012
50-Gb/s silicon optical modulator with traveling-wave electrodes
X Tu, TY Liow, J Song, X Luo, Q Fang, M Yu, GQ Lo
Optics express 21 (10), 12776-12782, 2013
Thermal independent silicon-nitride slot waveguide biosensor with high sensitivity
X Tu, J Song, TY Liow, MK Park, JQ Yiying, JS Kee, M Yu, GQ Lo
Optics express 20 (3), 2640-2648, 2012
Magnetic-mesoporous Janus nanoparticles
L Zhang, F Zhang, WF Dong, JF Song, QS Huo, HB Sun
Chemical Communications 47 (4), 1225-1227, 2011
Exciton diffusion and charge transfer dynamics in nano phase-separated P3HT/PCBM blend films
H Wang, HY Wang, BR Gao, L Wang, ZY Yang, XB Du, QD Chen, ...
Nanoscale 3 (5), 2280-2285, 2011
WDM multi-channel silicon photonic receiver with 320 Gbps data transmission capability
Q Fang, TY Liow, JF Song, KW Ang, MB Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
Optics express 18 (5), 5106-5113, 2010
Cascade wide-angle Y-junction 1 x 16 optical power splitter based on silicon wire waveguides on silicon-on-insulator
SH Tao, Q Fang, JF Song, MB Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
Opt. Express 16 (26), 21456-21461, 2008
CMOS compatible monolithic multi-layer Si3N4-on-SOI platform for low-loss high performance silicon photonics dense integration
Y Huang, J Song, X Luo, TY Liow, GQ Lo
Optics Express 22 (18), 21859-21865, 2014
Optical Tamm states enhanced broad-band absorption of organic solar cells
XL Zhang, JF Song, XB Li, J Feng, HB Sun
Applied Physics Letters 101 (24), 2012
Bibliometric analysis of complementary and alternative medicine research over three decades
JY Fu, X Zhang, YH Zhao, MH Huang, DZ Chen
Scientometrics 88 (2), 617-626, 2011
Efficient silicon nitride grating coupler with distributed Bragg reflectors
H Zhang, C Li, X Tu, J Song, H Zhou, X Luo, Y Huang, M Yu, GQ Lo
Optics express 22 (18), 21800-21805, 2014
Suspended optical fiber-to-waveguide mode size converter for silicon photonics
Q Fang, TY Liow, JF Song, CW Tan, MB Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
Optics Express 18 (8), 7763-7769, 2010
Label-free aptamer sensor based on silicon microring resonators
MK Park, JS Kee, JY Quah, V Netto, J Song, Q Fang, EM La Fosse, GQ Lo
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 176, 552-559, 2013
Fast and low power Michelson interferometer thermo-optical switch on SOI
J Song, Q Fang, SH Tao, TY Liow, MB Yu, GQ Lo, DL Kwong
Optics express 16 (20), 15304-15311, 2008
Fano resonances in open quantum dots and their application as spin filters
JF Song, Y Ochiai, JP Bird
Applied physics letters 82 (25), 4561-4563, 2003
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