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Shilong Zhao
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Chiral effect at protein/graphene interface: a bioinspired perspective to understand amyloid formation
G Qing, S Zhao, Y Xiong, Z Lv, F Jiang, Y Liu, H Chen, M Zhang, T Sun
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (30), 10736-10742, 2014
Piezoresistive stretchable strain sensors with human machine interface demonstrations
Y Wu, I Karakurt, L Beker, Y Kubota, R Xu, KY Ho, S Zhao, J Zhong, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 279, 46-52, 2018
NO2 gas sensors based on CVD tungsten diselenide monolayer
Y Wu, N Joshi, S Zhao, H Long, L Zhou, G Ma, B Peng, ON Oliveira Jr, ...
Applied Surface Science 529, 147110, 2020
High yield growth and doping of black phosphorus with tunable electronic properties
M Liu, S Feng, Y Hou, S Zhao, L Tang, J Liu, F Wang, B Liu
Materials Today 36, 91-101, 2020
Giant optical gain in a single-crystal erbium chloride silicate nanowire
H Sun, L Yin, Z Liu, Y Zheng, F Fan, S Zhao, X Feng, Y Li, CZ Ning
Nature Photonics 11 (9), 589-593, 2017
Biexcitonic optical Stark effects in monolayer molybdenum diselenide
CK Yong, J Horng, Y Shen, H Cai, A Wang, CS Yang, CK Lin, S Zhao, ...
Nature Physics 14 (11), 1092-1096, 2018
Dissolution-precipitation growth of uniform and clean two dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
Z Cai, Y Lai, S Zhao, R Zhang, J Tan, S Feng, J Zou, L Tang, J Lin, B Liu, ...
National science review 8 (3), nwaa115, 2021
Anisotropic moiré optical transitions in twisted monolayer/bilayer phosphorene heterostructures
S Zhao, E Wang, EA Üzer, S Guo, R Qi, J Tan, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 3947, 2021
Synthesis of ultrahigh‐quality monolayer molybdenum disulfide through in situ defect healing with thiol molecules
S Feng, J Tan, S Zhao, S Zhang, U Khan, L Tang, X Zou, J Lin, HM Cheng, ...
Small 16 (35), 2003357, 2020
All-carbon based flexible humidity sensor
Y Wu, Q Huang, J Nie, J Liang, N Joshi, T Hayasaka, S Zhao, M Zhang, ...
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 19 (8), 5310-5316, 2019
Space‐Confined One‐Step Growth of 2D MoO2/MoS2 Vertical Heterostructures for Superior Hydrogen Evolution in Alkaline Electrolytes
Q Wu, Y Luo, R Xie, H Nong, Z Cai, L Tang, J Tan, S Feng, S Zhao, Q Yu, ...
Small 18 (32), 2201051, 2022
Dual-metal precursors for the universal growth of non-layered 2D transition metal chalcogenides with ordered cation vacancies
J Tan, Z Zhang, S Zeng, S Li, J Wang, R Zheng, F Hou, Y Wei, Y Sun, ...
Science Bulletin 67 (16), 1649-1658, 2022
Dissolution–precipitation growth of doped monolayer molybdenum disulfide through double-faced precursor supply
Y Lai, J Tan, Z Cai, R Zhang, C Teng, S Zhao, J Lin, B Liu
APL Materials 9 (5), 051123, 2021
Substitutional oxygen activated photoluminescence enhancement in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides
S Zhao, J Tan, C Ke, S Feng, Y Lai, B Ding, G Luo, J Lin, B Liu
SCIENCE CHINA-MATERIALS 65 (4), 1034-1041, 2022
Growth of 2D Cr2O3–CrN Mosaic Heterostructures with Tunable Room‐Temperature Ferromagnetism
L He, H Nong, J Tan, Q Wu, R Zheng, S Zhao, Q Yu, J Wang, B Liu
Advanced Materials 36 (7), 2304946, 2024
Iodine-assisted ultrafast growth of high-quality monolayer MoS2 with sulfur-terminated edges
Q Wu, J Zhang, L Tang, U Khan, H Nong, S Zhao, Y Sun, R Zheng, ...
National Science Open 2 (4), 20230009, 2023
Internal ion transport in ionic 2D CuInP2S6 enabling multi-state neuromorphic computing with low operation current
Y Sun, R Zhang, C Teng, J Tan, Z Zhang, S Li, J Wang, S Zhao, W Chen, ...
Materials Today 66, 9-16, 2023
Layer‐Dependent Raman Spectroscopy and Electronic Applications of Wide‐Bandgap 2D Semiconductor β‐ZrNCl
H Nong, Q Wu, J Tan, Y Sun, R Zheng, R Zhang, S Zhao, B Liu
Small 18 (14), 2107490, 2022
Switchable and Reversible p+/n+ Doping in 2D Semiconductors by Ionic 2D Minerals
R Zhang, Y Sun, W Chen, S Zhao, J Wang, C Teng, B Liu, HM Cheng
Advanced Functional Materials 33 (23), 2213809, 2023
Resolidified Chalcogen‐Assisted Growth of Bilayer Semiconductors with Controlled Stacking Orders
Q Wu, L He, D Wang, H Nong, J Wang, Z Cai, S Zhao, R Zheng, S Lai, ...
Small 20 (2), 2305506, 2024
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