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Tuning the magnetic coupling across ultrathin antiferromagnetic films by controlling atomic-scale roughness
W Kuch, LI Chelaru, F Offi, J Wang, M Kotsugi, J Kirschner
Nature materials 5 (2), 128-133, 2006
Time-resolved magnetic domain imaging by x-ray photoemission electron microscopy
J Vogel, W Kuch, M Bonfim, J Camarero, Y Pennec, F Offi, K Fukumoto, ...
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Microscopic Origin of Electron Accumulation in
KHL Zhang, RG Egdell, F Offi, S Iacobucci, L Petaccia, S Gorovikov, ...
Physical review letters 110 (5), 056803, 2013
Spectroscopic Proof of the Correlation between Redox‐State and Charge‐Carrier Transport at the Interface of Resistively Switching Ti/PCMO Devices
A Herpers, C Lenser, C Park, F Offi, F Borgatti, G Panaccione, S Menzel, ...
Advanced materials 26 (17), 2730-2735, 2014
Structural and magnetic properties of thin films on Cu(001) and on Co/Cu(001)
F Offi, W Kuch, J Kirschner
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High-energy photoemission in silver: resolving d and sp contributions in valence band spectra
G Panaccione, G Cautero, M Cautero, A Fondacaro, M Grioni, P Lacovig, ...
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Quantifying the effective attenuation length in high-energy photoemission experiments
M Sacchi, F Offi, P Torelli, A Fondacaro, C Spezzani, M Cautero, ...
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Experimental setup for high energy photoemission using synchrotron radiation
P Torelli, M Sacchi, G Cautero, M Cautero, B Krastanov, P Lacovig, ...
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W Kuch, LI Chelaru, F Offi, J Wang, M Kotsugi, J Kirschner
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Magnetic interface coupling in single-crystalline Co/FeMn bilayers
W Kuch, F Offi, LI Chelaru, M Kotsugi, K Fukumoto, J Kirschner
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WSM Werner, W Smekal, H Störi, H Winter, G Stefani, A Ruocco, F Offi, ...
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Induced Fe and Mn magnetic moments in Co-FeMn bilayers on Cu (001)
F Offi, W Kuch, LI Chelaru, K Fukumoto, M Kotsugi, J Kirschner
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Microspectroscopic two-dimensional Fermi surface mapping using a photoelectron emission microscope
M Kotsugi, W Kuch, F Offi, LI Chelaru, J Kirschner
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Role of surface and bulk plasmon decay in secondary electron emission
WSM Werner, A Ruocco, F Offi, S Iacobucci, W Smekal, H Winter, ...
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Layer-resolved imaging of magnetic interlayer coupling by domain-wall stray fields
W Kuch, LI Chelaru, K Fukumoto, F Porrati, F Offi, M Kotsugi, J Kirschner
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Chemical insight into electroforming of resistive switching manganite heterostructures
F Borgatti, C Park, A Herpers, F Offi, R Egoavil, Y Yamashita, A Yang, ...
Nanoscale 5 (9), 3954-3960, 2013
Itinerant electrons, local moments, and magnetic correlations in the pnictide superconductors CeFeAsOF and Sr(FeCo)As
P Vilmercati, A Fedorov, F Bondino, F Offi, G Panaccione, P Lacovig, ...
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Photoelectron–Auger electron coincidence study for condensed matter
G Stefani, R Gotter, A Ruocco, F Offi, F Da Pieve, S Iacobucci, A Morgante, ...
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Switching-mode-dependent magnetic interlayer coupling strength in spin valves and magnetic tunnel junctions
Y Pennec, J Camarero, JC Toussaint, S Pizzini, M Bonfim, F Petroff, ...
Physical Review B 69 (18), 180402, 2004
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