Edward J Steele
Edward J Steele
Honorary Research Associate, CY O'Connor ERADE Village Foundation, WA, Australia
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Somatic selection and adaptive evolution: on the inheritance of acquired characters
EJ Steele
University of Chicago Press, 1981
Lamarck's Signature: How retrogenes are changing the natural selection paradigm
EJ Steele, RA Lindley, RV Blanden
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Hypothesis: somatic hypermutation by gene conversion via the error prone DNA→ RNA→ DNA information loop
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PCR amplification of murine immunoglobulin germline V genes: strategies for minimization of recombination artefacts
P Zylstra, HS Rothenfluh, GF Weiller, RV Blanden, EJ Steele
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Cause of Cambrian explosion-terrestrial or cosmic?
EJ Steele, S Al-Mufti, KA Augustyn, R Chandrajith, JP Coghlan, ...
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Isolation and Biological Properties of Three Classes of Rabbit Antibody to Vibrio cholerae
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Mechanism of somatic hypermutation: critical analysis of strand biased mutation signatures at A: T and G: C base pairs
EJ Steele
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Lamarck and Panspermia-On the efficient spread of living systems throughout the cosmos
EJ Steele, RM Gorczynski, RA Lindley, Y Liu, R Temple, G Tokoro, ...
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Computational analyses show A-to-G mutations correlate with nascent mRNA hairpins at somatic hypermutation hotspots
EJ Steele, RA Lindley, J Wen, GF Weiller
dna repair 5 (11), 1346-1363, 2006
Somatic Hypermutation in V-regions
EJ Steele
CRC press, 1991
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