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Oil content evaluation of lacustrine organic-rich shale with strong heterogeneity: A case study of the Middle Permian Lucaogou Formation in Jimusaer Sag, Junggar Basin, NW China
T Hu, X Pang, S Jiang, Q Wang, X Zheng, X Ding, Y Zhao, C Zhu, H Li
Fuel 221, 196-205, 2018
Impact of paleosalinity, dilution, redox, and paleoproductivity on organic matter enrichment in a saline lacustrine rift basin: A case study of Paleogene organic-rich shale in …
T Hu, X Pang, S Jiang, Q Wang, T Xu, K Lu, C Huang, Y Chen, X Zheng
Energy & fuels 32 (4), 5045-5061, 2018
Pore structure characteristics and its effect on shale gas adsorption and desorption behavior
X Zheng, B Zhang, H Sanei, H Bao, Z Meng, C Wang, K Li
Marine and Petroleum Geology 100, 165-178, 2019
Hydrocarbon generation from confined pyrolysis of lower Permian Shanxi Formation coal and coal measure mudstone in the Shenfu area, northeastern Ordos Basin, China
Z Zhao, X Pang, F Jiang, K Wang, L Li, K Zhang, X Zheng
Marine and Petroleum Geology 97, 355-369, 2018
High-resolution carbon isotope records and correlations of the lower Cambrian Longwangmiao formation (stage 4, Toyonian) in Chongqing, South China
Y Ren, D Zhong, C Gao, T Liang, H Sun, D Wu, X Zheng
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 485, 572-592, 2017
Molybdenum-uranium-vanadium geochemistry in the lower Paleozoic Alum Shale of Scandinavia: Implications for vanadium exploration
L Bian, NH Schovsbo, A Chappaz, X Zheng, AT Nielsen, T Ulrich, X Wang, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 239, 103730, 2021
Depositional and diagenetic controls on the reservoir quality of Upper Triassic Chang-7 tight oil sandstones, southwestern Ordos basin, China
A Wang, D Zhong, H Zhu, L Guo, Z Li, Y Jiang, X Yang, R Xie, X Zheng
Geosciences Journal 23, 471-488, 2019
Alteration of organic macerals by uranium irradiation in lower Paleozoic marine shales
X Zheng, NH Schovsbo, L Bian, Q Luo, N Zhong, A Rudra, F Goodarzi, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 239, 103713, 2021
Origin of dolomite of the lower cambrian Longwangmiao Formation, eastern Sichuan Basin, China
Y Ren, D Zhong, C Gao, H Sun, H Peng, X Zheng, C Qiu
Carbonates and Evaporites 34, 471-490, 2019
Role of zooclasts in the kerogen type and hydrocarbon potential of the lower Paleozoic Alum Shale
X Zheng, H Sanei, NH Schovsbo, Q Luo, J Wu, N Zhong, JM Galloway, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 248, 103865, 2021
Assessing biochar's permanence: An inertinite benchmark
H Sanei, A Rudra, ZMM Przyswitt, S Kousted, MB Sindlev, X Zheng, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 281, 104409, 2024
渝东地区寒武系第四阶龙王庙组古环境演化的稳定同位素与主, 微量元素证据
任影, 钟大康, 柳慧琳, 梁婷, 孙海涛, 高崇龙, 郑晓薇
地球科学 43 (11), 4066-4095, 2018
Graptolite reflectance anomaly
X Zheng, NH Schovsbo, Q Luo, J Wu, N Zhong, F Goodarzi, H Sanei
International Journal of Coal Geology 261, 104072, 2022
Improving mercury systematics with molybdenum and vanadium enrichments: New insights from the Cambrian‐Ordovician boundary
L Bian, A Chappaz, X Wang, D Amouroux, NH Schovsbo, X Zheng, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 51 (8), e2023GL107188, 2024
Organic geochemical and petrographic characteristics of the Cambrian-Ordovician organic-rich marine shales in Scandinavia
XW Zheng, NH Schovsbo, LB Bian, A Rudra, H Sanei
Petroleum Science 20 (5), 2637-2647, 2023
Effects of synthetic maturation on phenanthrenes and dibenzothiophenes over a maturity range of 0.6 to 4.7% EASY% Ro
X Zheng, L Schwark, M Stockhausen, Q Luo, J Wu, N Zhong, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 153, 106285, 2023
Doubthouse climate influences on the carbon cycle and organic matter enrichment in lacustrine basins: Astrochronological and paleontological perspectives
Y Wu, F Jiang, Y Xu, J Guo, X Zheng, D Chen, H Xing, T Xu, T Hu, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 267, 106155, 2024
Influence of Thermal Intrusion on Solid Bitumen in the Alum Shale, Central Sweden
A Liu, H Sanei, NH Schovsbo, X Zheng, L Bian
The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP), 2023
Zooclastic kerogen of the lower Paleozoic Alum shale in Baltoscandia, northwestern Europe
X Zheng, H Sanei, NH Schovsbo, L Bian
The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP), 2021
13C Labelled Cholestane as Internal Standard for Quantification of Steranes in Crude Oils and Sediments
HP Nytoft, DP Synnott, A Rudra, MR Del Castillo, X Zheng, JE Johansen, ...
29th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry 2019 (1), 1-2, 2019
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